Last trip to Ukraine of Julia and Massimo with two Italian men. In October 2010, Julia and I decided to go to Kharkov for the first time to accompany two of our Italian clients, in order to deepen the knowledge of Ma-dame agency's team. This trip was very important because we were able to realize, first hand, the potential of this marriage agency. Its simple but effective organization is led by Natalya and her husband in the best ethical manner. During the trip and our stay in Kharkov our customers have become a bit like friends and our support to them was intimate. I'm sure everyone appreciated our attention in terms of translations and our work as a tour guide and cultural mediator. I think that the most delicate part during this meetings is the mutual understanding not only of their character, habits, traditions but also of their cultural mentality. This last factor deserve very much attention and has to be monitored from the start of the relation. This is why I think our support to those men played an essential role in their success. We have plenty of photos af all this sweet moments and we keep them preciously as a positive result of our first “mission” and also as a souvenir of something we consider a good deed we made in our life. Natalya and her husband were perfect in receiving us in Ukraine, they have thought about everything and all activities were managed in the best way. I'm sure the always growing experience of Ma-dame and our support from Italy will contribute to the success of this activity. Our biggest reward is the idea of being able to bring happiness to those who trusted us. Massimo and Julia