I leaved on my letter my mobile number in order to exchange a little message in any moment. Why I dont receive them and why ladu is not giving to me her mobile number?
It is not allowed to give your contact detail (personal Emails, telephone numbers) in the letters to the ladiy and ask contacts of the lady. If you write it in your letter it will be deleted automatically. If you want to have personal correspondence with the lady you can buy her Email contact information.
You sent me a letter: Ma-Dame. Somebody is interested in you!
What shall I do with these information you are sending me?
What do you mean this lady is interested in me?
What shall I do now? Where is her letter to me?
It is sign of interest from the lady. It means that lady would like to correspond with you. You can see her profile when you click on the link we sent to you in the letter. Here you can send to her a letter (just click send a letter).
What is basic English level mean?
No English: No knowledge of English language and lady cannot understand that the language is English.
Poor level: Limited understanding of English. To translate letters Lady needs a dictionary.
Basic level: Elementary understanding of English. Lady understands basic written text but needs a dictionary to translate most of the letters. She understands a limited vocabulary during the conversation, but still needs translator.
Good level: Moderate understanding of English. Lady is able to understand most text of the letters. She can write and speak on the phone without translator.
Excellent level: Excellent understanding of English. Lady has large vocabulary and practice in speaking, reading the letters. She doesnot need translator.
Should I meet only one woman?
We advice that it is always better to have a few meetings. If you meet several (2 to 5) women, after you can chose the good one for you.
How do I know I'm writing to real woman and this is not some Russian scam. I get a lot of these interest letters and I don't know if they're real.
When a lady completes a subscription form in the Internet in big agency with thousands ladies you have no guarantee at all that information is true. We have only a few hundreds ladies. All of them come personally to the office to join the agency. We check their passports and make their pictures. We care about our reputation and we organize meetings in Kharkov. We need that for the meetings our ladies are available in real life and they look like in the pictures!
How can I send money to a lady?
Please never send any money on request of the lady. We discourage sending money to the lady which you did not meet in real life.
Can I pay by other way than a credit card?
You can send money by Pay Pal. Please send money to our Email address cher-ami@orange.fr

You can pay also by Western Union. You should send the payment to: Nataliya Malbec, Ukraine, Kharkov The 10-digit control number, sender's detail's (full name, country/city) and information and information of this transfer should be forwarded to office@ma-dame.net

You can send the payment using bank wire transfer. Here are the requisites for sending the wire transfer. BENEFICIARY Yesina Victoriya ACCOUNT 4149605040500829 BANK OF BENEFICIARY PRIVATBANK DNEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE SWIFT CODE: PBANUA2X INTERMEDIARY BANK JP MORGAN AG FRANCFURT/MAIN, GERMANY SWIFT CODE: CHASDEFX CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT 6231605145
I forgot my password. Can you help?
You should go to the Account information, enter your Email address and click the button "Retrieve password" You will receive Email with the link to change the password.
Are your ladies are real? The photos look too beautiful.
Yes, they are real. All our ladies come personally to the office to join the agency. We verify the authenticity of their photos or make them ourselves. The reason why the ladies look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good. This is normal for women from Eastern Europe.
How can I change my profile details?
To change you profile details you should Login, go to the page account information and click the button "Edit profile" When your updated profile is approved, it will be available to the public.
Why my profile was refused?
Your profile can be refused because of one of the reasons: • Your profile was empty - there was no information about you and what you are looking for in a partner. • Your profile was considered like vulgar. • Personal contact information was included in visible fields - email addresses, phone numbers, names and addresses of other websites are NOT allowed.
How do I make contact with your ladies?
To contact our ladies you must register first. It is absolutely for FREE to register, Click here to register right now. When your profile is approved, you can contact any of our ladies. You just go to the page of the lady you like and you click the button “Send interest” To send interest to any of our lady is absolutely for FREE.
Is registration for FREE?
Yes, registration on our site isfor FREE. You do not need to pay, fill in the form. Click here to register now for FREE
Can I use the site without registration?
You can search the database without registration but you will not be able to make contacts with our ladies. You need to be a registered member to use our services. Registration on our site is absolutely FREE. Click here to join now for FREE