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If you want to surprise and bring pleasure to your favorite lady, send her flowers. Choose a nice present from our list: flowers, candy, or perfume and we can deliver it for you to any of our ladies in Kharkov. If you have a special request that isn't on our list of gifts please send us your wish by e-mail and we will do everything to help you.

Upon your order, we will deliver flowers and gifts within 1-2 days at the address indicated by you in Kharkov. You can also attach your message that will be translated into Russian/Ukrainian and arranged nicely in the form of a card.

To order the delivery you need:

  • Choose the gift or gifts you would like to deliver.
  • Fill in the delivery form and click on the submit button. Be sure to include a short message to the lady in the space provided on the form.
  • We will contact the lady and organize delivery.
  • Once the delivery is made we will E-mail you with confirmation and a short message from the recipient. Deliveries are normally made within 1-2 days, unless there is a problem contacting the recipient, in which case we will hold the order until we can make contact or the order is cancelled.
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visit of SPA salon
Price: € 100.00
Perfume Lancome La vie est belle
Price: € 140.00
perfume Lancome Miracle
Price: € 120.00
Bouquet of 21 Red Roses
Price: € 140.00
Bouquet of 21 White Roses
Price: € 140.00
Box of chocolates "Vecherniy Kyiv"
Price: € 15.00
Box of chocolates "Ferrero Rocher"
Price: € 20.00
Cake “Cher Ami”
Price: € 25.00
Price: € 20.00
Box of chocolate
Price: € 30.00
Bottle of wine
Price: € 40.00
Bottle of champagne
Price: € 30.00
Fruit basket
Price: € 70.00
Price: € 9.00 each

Special Holiday's Basket
Price: € 100.00
Potted plants
Price: € 40.00
Gerbera's Bouquet
Price: € 45.00
bouquet of 9 red Roses
Price: € 60.00
Bouquet of 11 Pink Roses
Price: € 80.00
Bouquet of 11 White Roses
Price: € 80.00
Mixed Colors Roses Bouquet
Price: € 80.00
Perfume for Women Chanel N 5 by Chanel
Price: € 150.00
Addict by Christian Dior
Price: € 130.00
Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana
Price: € 120.00
Hat Couture from Givenchy
Price: € 110.00
Gucci Rush by Gucci
Price: € 120.00
Bottle of perfum Coco by Chanel
Price: € 130.00
Lip Stick
Price: € 30.00
Nail Polish
Price: € 30.00
Powder Compact
Price: € 40.00
Price: € 30.00
Greeting Card
Price: € 8.00
Text of message.
Delivery directly to home
Price: € 50.00
Date of delivery:
Pictures of the delivery (non-professional)
Price: € 20.00