After discovering this website I started correspondance with some women by email. This site does not present thousands of ladies, but they present serious and high quality ladies, I understood it after. Now they have this new site Ma-Dame.net which is more easy to use. My trip to kharkov with orgaisation of meetings was then organised. The managers of agency took care of my transfers and accomodation. Everything was perfect. They picked me up everyday for the meetings. the interpreter was very helpful because she knew the ladies and she could advise me during the meetings. She has facilitated the conversations. I have been lucky enough to meet my "pearl" during my first stay in Kharkov. I can only advise men to use the services of Ma-Dame, the organisation and the personnalised accompaniement during the meetings has been very helpful. If I can give one advise to future travelers to Ukraine : don't fly there with any fixed ideas about this country and its citizens. Discover it and them with humility. Ukraine is a country full of differences. Ukrainian women can give a lot of lessons of courage and sincerity to french women. Dominique, France