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This part is concerning to what our site can offer to you. Our services are only available for Registered Members with positive balance on their accounts. If you are not a Registered Member, you are welcome to BECOME A MEMBER.

  • Correspondence

    Send interest: We give you an opportunity to establish contact with any lady from our web site. Your sign of interest will be forwarded to lady you like for FREE. When you get a positive answer you can start writing letters. 
    Our agency provides fast and comfortable service for delivery of your letters to or from ladies. Using our correspondence services you may be sure that your lady gets and reads your letter (translated). Her response will be forwarded to you as soon as becomes available. We guarantee full confidentiality of your correspondence.
    If your lady does not speak English, it is not a problem because we can translate your letters professionally from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We have a lot of clients who are happy to use our translation service.

  • Contact information (address/phone/e-mail)

    We are not in the right to give personal private contacts of any our clients without their knowledge. You should be in some kind of relationship with the lady (e-mail correspondence) to order her address, e-mail, phone number. If lady agrees, contact information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers would cost equal to one meeting (50 Euros).

  • Photos

    FREE pictures delivery - You can send your pictures with your letter.
    Paid picture - We can print your pictures in colors and send it to your Lady by mail.
    Ladies picture - We will send you pictures of your lady with her letter free of charge.
    Professional photo session We can make several very quality photos of a lady you are corresponding with, so you can get many new pictures of her . Than we will send it to you via express Mail Service or e-mail.

  • Phone call

    You can have personal phone conversation with you lady . We can invite her to our office. You may talk to her any time. In certain cases when translation assistance is required, we can provide an experienced translator.

  • Video chat

    You don't have to wonder if your lady looks like her photos. With our new service you can see her in real life with the help of our live video chat!

  • Gift and flowers delivery

    Don't hesitate to make an impression on your lady . Flowers can be and must be given with or without any special occasion. You have a large choice of flowers and gifts . We fulfill your order exactly and deliver it to your lovely lady. Start conquering the heart of your woman right now, making pleasant surprises for her.

  • English lessons for your Lady

    If your lady does not speak English but really wants to learn, we can help her. Contact our office for more details.

  • Personal meetings with ladies

    Meeting the women in person is the only way to know if which one is right for you. We organise a personal meeting with the lady wich you have chosen . First meeting cost 50 Euros. Your second date with the same lady and any subsequent are FREE.

          Our special offer allows you to make your trip to K harkov easier and quicker.
          We will help you , so you don’t have to worry about anything. We can arrange you   accommodation, transfers from/to the airport, interpreters and meetings with the ladies you’ve chosen
  • Personal assistance

    You may have necessity of some personal assistance in Kharkov. We are here to help you. So, if you have some special needs, we will do everything possible to help you. 

  • Apartments

    We can arrange for just about anything you need to make your stay comfortable. All our apartments are furnished according to European standard. It is clean and located in a safe and convenient part of the city.

  • Transfer Service

    We can organize for you transportation by car from airport Borispol to Kharkov , from Kharkov aeroport and Kharkov railway station to your accomodation place.

For more information, please, contact us