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You can send interest  for any lady for FREE. After you receive letter if she is also interested in you. After you can send her your first letter.

Letters  delivery
When you want to send letter to lady you must have credit on your account. The letter size is limited up to 1 page. Answer from lady you can see in your messages box on our site. We will send it also to your Email address (please check regulary your spam box). To send letter to lady cost 6 euros per one letter. This price includes:

  • Receiving your letter.
  • Translation of your letter.
  • Delivery of your letter to the lady.
  • Translating lady's letter.
  • Typing lady's letter.
  • Sending woman's letter to you.

Please note: We dont deliver to ladies letters with personal contact information (Email addresses, phone numbers, ...) if you send it, you will lose your money.




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