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We are not in the right to give personal private contacts of any our clients without their knowledge. You should be in some kind of relationship with the lady (e-mail correspondence) to order her e-mail adress or phone number. If lady agrees, contact information such as e-mail address or phone number would cost 90 Euros.

We arrange a personal meeting with the lady. Every meeting is private. It can start in our office, and to be continued in a nice restaurant or a cafe. It's up to you. Price: 90 Euro for the arrangement of one meeting. Your second date with the lady and any subsequent ones are of course are free of charge.

If lady does not speak English, we have interpreters for hire. Price: 15 Euro per hour

We advise you to contact ladies before your coming to Kharkov for personal meetings. Every contact is confidential so you can correspond friendly with more than one lady and they won't know about your other correspondence.


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