Dariya 4199

Birthdate: 23.09.1988
Age: 34
Marital status: Never Married
Children: No
Height: 168 cm / 5' 6"
Weight: 52 kg / 114
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Build body: Slim
Education: University degree
Profession: Trainer, choreographer, fitness trainer
Smokes: No
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian
Location: Kiev
Country: Ukraine

About me

Come to Kyiv, Ukraine, and you will find millions and millions of beautiful women. But I advise you to stop your search exactly on ME. I am beautiful, smart, athletic, stylish, and sophisticated. Look into my deep green eyes. I hope they will once be a lagoon for you, in which you will dive radiating waves of happiness! If you saw me once on the street and saw my eyes, you would never forget them! Ever in your life. So, I think this site is a chance for you to DO IT.

My partner

Are you that man everyone is talking about? I mean, all girls on this site gossip and tell each other about perfect man, who registered on this site. I think this man is YOU? I am joking. I never do gossip . But I think you are a man, who can be ideal for me. The one, who makes effort. Effort to write me first, effort to know me, effort to share his views and experience with me, effort to come to me and make a date with me.. effort to get married. Effort to.... LOVE? If you are ready to make any efforts, you are IDEAL MAN FOR ME