Daria 4173

Birthdate: 31.03.2001
Age: 22
Marital status:
Children: No
Height: 165 cm / 5' 4"
Weight: 58 kg / 127
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Build body: Feminine
Education: Student
Profession: beauty salon manager
Smokes: No
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian
Location: Kishinev
Country: Moldavia

About me

I am happy and inspired in everything I do, but of course we can't talk about completely happiness, while there is no one special beloved person, with who we can share all the good and bad times. I was asked a lot of times, why I decided to find my love abroad on dating site. I think, that it's a wrong question and the only right answer is "Why not?". I like to travel everywhere, I hope that I can find someone who will travel with me. Love is a journey to enjoy happiness with someone special together and learn from each other for love, I am looking for a simple gentleman. I lead an active lifestyle! I love reading books, dancing, playing sports! I love to travel, and there are so many open countries on my way, maybe your country will be next!

My partner

I am looking for a true love, and I hope to find it here, because sometimes I think this is my chance for happiness. I'm looking forward to my partner, my lover. I care about a lot of things in my future partner, but it's definitely not his work, or the color of his car, and even not his height or weight. I want to know how to make him happy, what makes his soul and heart feeling happiness and joy! I want to be his reason for smiles and inspiration, to be his muse and most desirable woman in life.