Alena 4094

Birthdate: 23.04.1989
Age: 33
Marital status: single
Height: 170 cm / 5' 6"
Weight: 53 kg / 116
Hair: brunet
Eyes: brown
Build body: slim
Education: high level
Profession: ekonomist
Smokes: no
Languages: russian, ukrainian,english
Location: Lviv
Country: Ukraine

About me

I have a sociable character. I have a cheerful character. I have a great sense of humor. I love positive people and I exude positive. I’m optimistic in life for me. I believe that we create our own destiny with our own hands. I like to do good deeds and good deeds. My heart is open to love and I sincerely with all my heart I want to create a family. And I am a cheerful sociable girl with a good sense of humor I love the nature of these threads to nature I love fresh air I love skiing I like diving and surfing I love swimming I like taking pictures of the underwater world I also practice yoga and do gymnastics and yoga in the fresh air A I like culinary experiments. I like to do new dishes and create an unusual combination of spices and sauces. I like to paint with pastels and that's it. I like to create paintings as well. I really like to draw portraits of people. They convey their psychological nature. And I dream of creating a landscaping garden I like Japanese rock gardens and zen gardens. classical music as well as Leps Katerina Buzhinskaya Ani Lorak Taisiya Povaliy Whitney Houston Lara Fabian I like the movie The Ordinary Miracle Curly Sue Beethoven also I like the movie Da Vinci Code I like tennis volleyball I like figure skating I like fencing and gymnastics And also I like yoga and Kundalini yoga breathing practices. I like the white magnolia sulange. I like the magnolia. Blue opal. I like the black magician. I like the white hydrangeas. I like the yellow roses. I like the Phalaenopsis orchid. In my free time, I like sports, gymnastics, I like cooking, walks in nature. I like fishing. I like yoga in nature. I like to paint pastel paintings of landscapes and portraits of people. In 10 years I want to become a wonderful wife and mother. I want to create a harmonious family, the foundation of which will be mutual fidelity. Trust respect, love of creation and diplomacy. The most important thing in the atmosphere of the house is the warmth of the hearts of those people who live in this house. Respect, care for each other and mutual love from the heart, constructive love and diplomacy. I will take a scuba camera and a parasol to a desert island. I love to cook seafood. I like to cook shrimp in garlic sauce with rosemary and cream. I like to make cheesecake cheese dor blue and passion fruit. I like to make smoothies, for example, from different berries. I like to make cherry and apple strudel. I like to make pancake cake with delicate cream from mascarpone and cheese and decorate it with strawberries I like to cook a juicy medium-sized steak of roast with baked potatoes and rosemary and ears of corn I like to cook salmon in a creamy sauce with asparagus corn and cream. My first childhood memories connected with my family, my house was filled with what kind of love my parents are now a lovely married couple She cooks beautifully with a great sense of humor is always so serious I remember the delicious and delicious grandmother’s meat pies and the delicious cake that mom prepared with a lot of chocolate and strawberries my home and my parents are filled with the atmosphere and energy of love and care.

My partner

I want to be with me a reliable man with a good heart who will love me and will start a wave like a gardener about a beautiful flower.