Melissa 3222

Birthdate: 09.08.2000
Age: 19
Marital status: Never Married
Children: No
Height: 170 cm / 5' 6"
Weight: 55 kg / 121
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Build body: Feminine
Education: Student
Profession: Economist
Smokes: No
Languages: Russian, Ukraine
Location: Kharkov
Country: Ukraine

About me

I am always frank. I am the person who treats life as the variety of chances to become happy. So, every day I try to choose a path that will make me smile. At times people think I am serious, but that is because of my future profession. In general, I am fun, easy to talk to, I love communicating with people, learning something new and enjoying the company of my family and close friends. The most important goal which I want to reach is to create a family. It is the first priority for me. In my opinion, real happiness can be reached only in the family, around people who make you feel needed, loved and appreciated. I love learning, finding out new facts about our world, I usually follow news about technologies. At the same time, I love looking after myself - in my opinion, supporting the gift which nature has given to us is important. Every woman should always be feminine and attractive for her man! I want to inspire my beloved one!

My partner

I am not so choosy but frankly speaking, it is not so easy to describe the man I want to be with. It is hard to put the image I have in my head into words. But I will try. He is honest, kind, loves to learn and never stops to do it. He is clever and industrious. He is not afraid of acting in a romantic way. He likes long strolls in the city. He wants to love and to devote all of his time to the beloved woman. He is loyal and will never desire to break the heart of somebody. He is a tolerable and he eagers to solve all of the problems, using negotiations.