Marta 3142

Birthdate: 11.01.1998
Age: 21
Marital status: Single
Children: No
Height: 159 cm / 5' 2"
Weight: 60 kg / 132
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Build body: Average
Education: Higher Education
Profession: Documentary
Smokes: No
Languages: Ukraine, Russian
Location: Rivne
Country: Ukraine

About me

My parents raised me like a real lady since childhood. To be beautiful and well-groomed, to please men, and as a result, to find a worthy partner. To be smart and educated, to find a good job, to self-realize and become an independent person. To be healthy and reasonable, to give birth to healthy children, and then to be able to properly raise and nurture them. And, finally, to be an interesting, inquisitive and deep person, so as not to get lost among the crowd. I have this all. But I don’t have the most important thing - LOVE. I really want to love and be loved. I have a very calm and gentle nature ... but my hobbies are against my nature) I'm going crazy about skiing. Probably the speed, the sensations of flight and the wind in my ears is what I need. I also love to travel and my most cherished dream is to see the whole world.

My partner

What man am I looking for? One that knows how to reconcile words with deeds and express masculinity. The ability to lose oneself and prove oneself from a noble side in difficult, extreme situations, to sacrifice in the name of a beloved woman and family. The one who is able to go through difficult situations to the detriment of himself, but not for good. In a word, I like smart, educated, and polite men who are ready to turn the world for the benefit of our relationship.