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Any agency can have problems with scammers: when woman comes to register to the marriage agency, all what managers see is her passport: name, age, date of birth, marital status, and children. After that woman starts to write letters and receives responses from men, the agency follow ANY requests about money. If we see such a request (exception: covering her travel expenses) - the lady's profile is removed from our database.

Our agency forbids ladies to ask for money for ANY needs, except to cover woman's travel expenses. You should know that we are serious agency and understand that only HONEST work will ensure that we stay in the business. We do our best to check all the girls by phone or email before activation. We support anti-scam program and warn all Western men - do not send money to women you do not know well, do not mention your income and possessions during correspondence, avoid money topic at all.

Requests for financial help from relatively unfamiliar people are unusual to Russians and you need to consider it thoroughly before sending money. As for tickets, it is much better to buy them without her assistance then send money.

DO NOT SEND MONEY to women you have never met!

Try to avoid question about money. If she asked for money - do not send it! Just reply her nicely that you want to help her but not at the moment. Or simply forget to mention it. If she is a scammer - she will disappear, or she will try again.
Don't mention your salary and possessions in your correspondence. You may mention that you have a stable financial position, but never write how much money exactly you earn - does she need it right now? She doesn't know prices in your country anyway.

Don't rush the relationship. Take your time and get to know woman. If she is scammer she will not waste her time on long drawn out targets. She needs to see some fast results. If she writes that she wants to come to you and needs visa to your country, but she needs money tell her that it is good and you want to see her, but you dont have the money to help her at the moment. Tell her, that you prefer to get to know each other longer before doing that. If she stops writing consider that a good thing and don't go chasing.

Hope our advice will help you not to be scammed.

If you can see a lady on our site whom you know to be a scammer, please, send us a letter with any proofs of it.

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Our wedding!!

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Hello Nataliya. We met thanks to your agency. Thank you! Here is a few photos of our wedding.

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