Elena 3045

Birthdate: 25.01.1979
Age: 40
Marital status: singe
Children: none
Height: 160 cm / 5' 2"
Weight: 58 kg / 127
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: khaki
Build body: slim
Education: Medical college
Profession: nurse
Smokes: no
Languages: English-basic
Location: Vinnitsa
Country: Ukraine

About me

I am a very good friend, a passionate lady and just a real woman with tender heart. I am a strong personality with high moral values. By my nature, I am a kind and optimistic woman. I respect family. I want to create my own family, my small world and to fill it with love, happiness, merriness and faithfulness. Perhaps I do not always see myself objectively although I do try to view myself in a very real way. It is certainly a goal to improve myself in practical ways. I am very inquisitive and open to new things in my life. I believe everyone tries not to make mistakes and that is a good goal but mistakes are a part of life, give us experience and teach us valuable lessons. As such we can take many positives from our mistakes and in this regard I am not afraid of mistakes. It is important to draw conclusions, learn lessons and move on. I enjoy my life doing everything I like, learning and trying new things. I prefer spending my time actively, going into different sports, riding. I like to travel, to see different wonderful places and learning about it. it. But I also like being at home - the place where I am always welcome and safe. And in general a house starts to be home when it is warmed by people who live in it. I like nature and animals. One of my biggest interests is reading and drawing, for me it’s a very good way to spend my leisure time and to enrich my inner world.

My partner

I would like to meet an intelligent, loyal, active and kind man who is family oriented and sees himself as a family leader in the near future. He should be an interesting, romantic and with sense of humor. I need a man who can always be reliable and who can become my shoulder and support. I have a lot of friends but what I really need is someone to love. I think that being a couple is a partnership - not anything else. Partnership when everything is done together - not by one. Feeling each other and understanding each other is very important. So where is my one and only?