Birthdate: 16.10.1960
Age: 60
Marital status: single never married
Children: no
Height: 187 cm Weight: 94 kg
Education: UNIVERSITY and 35years en business
Profession: Business owner.
Bad habits: no smoking, very little wine, sure i snore when tired.
Country: Canada
City: Dartmouth

About me

I am a very dedicated person, i love animals especially cats and dogs. I love horses but I would never own one because of the costs and the work involved to own one. I have been to Russia, Ukraine many times. I have met many dis-honest women and dating web site owner/ workers who have met me to organize things during my trips who have been liars, cheats and very petty criminal. i have never really had a very comfortable trip as it always seems very uncomfortable as they made me defensive and to protect myselves.